Portable Solar Power

Off the Grid Energy Source

Because solar energy is a clean and efficient form of energy, the demand for solar panels has become greater than the supply. In rural and remote areas the cost of installing electric power lines and towers; and power generating plants for electricity, is an expense that many rural communities can not afford. Some remote areas have geological terrain that makes it impossible for for these types of installation. This makes solar power an excellent alternative and portable solar power has become a viable resource.

You will often hear portable solar power being referred to as packaged sunlight. The way it works is by using an adapter that allows you to store solar power energy during daylight hours to use during times when there isn't enough sun to generate power, mainly at night or on cloudy days. While some remain skeptical about the use of portable solar power, it really does make a lot of sense.

The portable solar power devices are now available at a more reasonable price which make it an even more efficient, safe, and worth while source of energy that is kind to the environment. As the solar power industry continues to grow, you can expect to see improvements in the portable solar power devices available on the market.

Battery chargers with solar power are become extremely popular as more and more people are looking for ways to get away from using fossil fuels. All you do is plug the adapter into your car cigarette lighter and charge you can charge your vehicle in minutes.

Portable Solar Generators

On a larger scale you can buy portable generators that will allow you to use the stored solar power produced by the sun at times when there isn't any sunlight, such as cloudy days or at night. More and more corporations, small businesses, and individuals are installing solar panels and using these portable generators. They can to supply power to entire networks or they can be used just for small appliance or something as simple as operating a DVD player. The type and size of generator you want to get will depend on your individual needs.

Portable Solar Power Packs

Portable solar power is now available for backpackers, campers, aviators, jungle survival, emergency units, emergency generators, laptops, maritime uses, and ham operators, just to name a few. Every conceivable use for a portable solar power pack are now being made and the cost is very reasonable.

In the next few years cell phones will become available that will completely run off solar energy to supply their power. As with any new technology, the cost of the first solar powered cell phones will be pricey as they are expensive to produce. Once the demand for the solar power cell phones increases, and more companies pick up on the technology, the cost will begin to come down.

The Versatility of Portable Solar Power

Portable solar power can provide electricity for many applications. In very remote locations it may be the only practical solution since reliable power can be provided virtually anywhere. In addition, more and more residential and commercial customers are realizing the benefits of utilizing solar power for electricity to offset their utility-supplied energy consumption, to provide back up power or to operate independent of the utility grid. Solar power can be a solution.

You can search the internet for comparison information on portable solar power products and their uses. This information will helpful for you to make an informed decision on the type of unit that will work best for your individual needs, and give you the best bang for your buck.

If you still have questions after researching the web, a great resource is for portable power packs is the Powerrenz Company. It is a respected supplier of  portable solar power systems throughout the United States. Powerenz designs and assembles portable solar power systems for applications ranging from military personnel to adventure seekers to those who are conscious of the environment.They offer quality products and consulting information about solar power options.

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