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Life-Styles are Changing

Living off the grid has been a life-style for many from the 60's generation, but it has only become a growing trend in the last few years as the threat of terrorist attacks and global warming has become more of a reality than any one ever dreamed of in the past.

Our planet is facing the first energy crisis of this magnitude known to man and with the quickly diminishing supply of fossil fuels, along with the ever increasing growth of the population, the  demands for power have become astronomical. From the stand point of the environment, if people do not change their rate of consumption, and no not stop over populating by cutting down on the amount of children they have , the planet as we know it,  will cease to exist.  If this occurs we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

For the survival of the planet, and perhaps for the survival of the species called homo sapiens (man) it is imperative to begin relying on
renewable energy sources instead of being held hostage by the foreign oil interest.

Living off the grid is the first step that can be taken towards doing our part in saving the environment. Obviously the greedy conglomerate oil monopolies don't want to see this happen, and will try to persuade you otherwise. With their lobbying strength and money, they will attempt to thwart the progress of saving our planet by living off the grid.

Living off the grid, and no longer being controlled by the utility companies, will not only help to cut down our reliance on foreign oil, it  will also help us save money by reducing the monthly utility bills as well as protecting our environment from further destruction.

How Do We Benefit from Living Off the Grid?

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1. We Reduce Our Dependence on Depleting Fossil Fuels

By living off the grid, you rely on nature to supply the energy that is needed for your daily living. It means that you are not depending on the power companies and hence will not be subjected to any price fluctuations.

Imagine how it will feel to be able to finally stop being affected by oil and gas prices? Imagine the feeling of taking back the power that we have so unwittingly turned over to these utility monopolies in the first place. Imagine the feeling of liberation that will come with never having to pay another utility bill!

2. No More Expensive Electric Bills

Living Without the stronghold of the power companies coming after you every single month for highly inflated bills that are heavily taxed. You can save thousands of dollars every month and spend them on something else your family has been wanting, but you couldn't afford. Yes, you will not only be able to save money by generating your own power, but you will also never have to worry again that your power is going to run out or be shut off. The sun and wind are always there for you to harness into generating your own power.

3. Protecting the Environment

How about taking responsibility for your part in the consumption of energy? You can help by cutting your home utility cost completely out of the equation. By relying on solar power and wind power, you will be effectively relying on green renewable energy and will no longer be a part of the problem, but will instead be a part of the solution. This is so unlike getting our electricity from fossil fuels, which are not only non-renewable but are also one of the major pollutants to our environment. Imagine the legacy you are leaving behind for your descendants and many more generations to follow. Doesn't it feel good to be contributing to the solution of the problem rather than ashamed because of being part of the problem?

4. Never Having Another Power Outage

Are you sick of those blackouts that always take place at the most unwelcomed moments? Like when you are working on your PC typing a document, that you haven't saved, and your PC suddenly snapped off because of another power outage caused by a storm? Or missing the last inning of the playoffs because someone has run into a transformer? Or, the worst, there is a medical emergency, your cell phone battery is dead, and you can't use a land line because the power is out. When you are living off the grid, you will never have to experience any of these scenarios ever again.

Living off the grid definitely has its beauties and benefits. If you can, shouldn't you at least give it a try?

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