Do It Yourself Alternative Home Energy

Is Alternative Energy for the Home Still Too Pricey?

Perhaps having the added cost of purchasing solar panels and a wind turbine; and then pay someone else to install them, may be too expensive of a venture for many to pay during these hard economic times.

Granted, over the long run anyone that switches to alternative energy, to power their homes and cars, will save a ton of money.

And the added bonuses are .....

1. Never being subjected to the bureaucratic headaches and whims of the power companies ever again!
2. Large tax breaks in most states
3. Helping the environment
4. Profit from selling your excess energy back to the power plants

Or, maybe you are a....

DIY Kinda Guy or Gal

Perhaps you are one of those kinds of people that just like doing things yourself. If you are the kind of person that feels "if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself."

The obvious way of getting around the high cost of switching over to wind and solar energy, to power your home, is of course to do it yourself.

Many men and women are very handy around the home and prefer to do all of their own home improvements. If you are one of these types of people there are many new products that can give you step by step instructions to build your own solar panels, wind turbines, bio fuel generators, and bio gas converters, and solar water heaters They also include the instructions for installation once the project has been completed.

If you know the difference between a level and a hammer you might want to check out this list I have compiled to save you time researching. You can do some comparison shopping right here for the DIY plans that will suit your needs the best.

#1   DIY Green Energy

home energy efficiency
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"Matt's step-by-step guide will show you how to create your own Solar, Wind, and Bio-fuel Power for only pennies a day.  And Because of Recently Passed Tax Laws for 2009, Find Out How to Qualify For Huge Tax Rebates or Even Get Your Green Energy System For Free!"

-From the Garage of Inventor and Mechanical Engineer Matt Mosley, Creator of

Matt created easy to follow diagrams with lots of photos that will show you the easy to follow steps in plain English, so that they are easy for any one to understand. They are so simple, they could be used in a 9th grade science class as is! 

He has also made it easy to customize your order. You can order any of the systems that  you want of either Solar Generator, Wind Generator, Biodiesel Processor, or Energy Conservation, 
or you can get the whole package.

If you do get the whole package he is including some very cool bonuses including a DIY-Green-Energy Club Membership.

To investment in your home and in the future of the planet, click DIY Green Energy or any of the images above and customize your order.

#2  Earth Energy for Home

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This DIY Package is On Sale for a Limited Time - Take $50 Off the Original Price

Package Includes:
1. Detailed instructional guide with plans and diagrams to create a solar power system as well as a wind power system
2. Saving Money On Fuel Prices E-book
3.Go Green E-book

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#3  Power4Home Energy System


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John Russel, a 46 year old home energy expert teaches the step-by-step, practical methods of generating off the grid home electricity. He says he can show you how " for less than $200... in easy to follow, fully illustrated manuals...and videos"

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#4    Green DIY Energy


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A bundle package including e-books and videos."For too many years your only option was to Buy Retail Solar Panels at $1,125*!  With installation, that could Total Over $27,000 for your entire house.
*2007 Installed Costs from ($7.50/watt)

But now with the help of this detailed “DIY Energy Guide” you can join the revolution of DIY’ers who figured out how to cheaply create their own solar power.

This DIY Guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of constructing 60 to 120 Watt Solar Panels for under $200. You can easily do it for less then $100 if you do a little extra work in collecting materials.

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#5   Energy2Green -DIY Wind & Solar Systems



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The Kit Includes:

1. Energy 2 Green Manual
Planning & Installing Bioenergy Systems
Renewable Energy Technology
Diagrams and Schematics

"I am 68 years old and living on a fixed income. Rising costs on just about everything .... were robbing me of having any money...something had to give or I was going to have to sell my house! An old buddy of mine .... built a couple of solar panels using your book and was now getting paid by the electric company each month .... I now have built 3 solar panels for myself and sold almost a dozen to friends and family... I can't believe everyone isn't doing this!! Thank You!"
Edward Kreps - Arizona

Learn More: Energy2Green

#6     Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Tom Hayden has been studying, building and using solar energy for over 30 years. He has put together a DIY Solar Water Heater Kit that will show you everything you need to know about building, installing and using a solar powered water heater.

The solar water heater is used in addition to your existing water heater, but it reduces  the need to artificially heat water. The water that enters your water tank is already hot from the sun.

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#7    The Home Energy Kit

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#7    The Home Energy Kit

The Home Energy Kit was put together by 68 year old, Warren Gillcrest. He put drew up the blueprints for you to build your own solar and wind turbine alternative energy systems.  Inside the Home-Energy-Kit manual, you will receive all the instructions you need to make your own solar and wind energy devices so that you can do your part in saving the planet and reducing our reliance on the diminishing fossil fuel resources. Take a look at his website to see what his neighbors are saying about him. They all have his blueprints and are now running on solar power.

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